You can become a Jedi in Minecraft with new Star Wars DLC


On Nov. 7, Star Wars: Path of the Jedi DLC for Minecraft finally went live. This pack will take you on a brand new adventure to a galaxy far far away and allow you to become a Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars.

Star Wars: Path of the Jedi was announced during the 2023 Minecraft Live event on Oct. 15 and now you and up to three of your friends can finally jump in and play it for themselves. The expansion is available in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition marketplace and costs 1,510 Minecoins which is $10 worth of cash.

Minceraft‘s blog post highlighted that the DLC is fully replayable and that “The Jedi challenges are many, and so are the paths to overcome them,” hinting that there are multiple ways of completing missions and objectives throughout the game.

Your adventure will start as a Padawan at the Jedi Academy. You will “train with Grand Master Yoda, Kelleran Beq, and the other Jedi” and after passing the trials the game will take you on multiple missions throughout the galaxy. Along with beloved Star Wars characters, you’ll fight monsters, droids, and solve ancient Jedi mysteries on an uncharted planet.

Image via Mojang

From the multiple images of the DLC, you can recognize iconic planets like Kamino, Tatooine, and Felucia. We also get a peek at enemies that we’ll encounter on our travels, from battle droids and Tuskens to what seems to be a terrifying boss fight with General Grievous.

It looks like Path of the Jedi took a page from the Star Wars Jedi series’ book allowing you to create custom lightsabers and choose different stances. My guess based on the screenshots is that you’ll be able to use single-bladed, dual-wielded, and double-bladed stances in the game, but it would be fun to see a crossguard stance as well.

Either way, this expansion looks like the Star Wars adventure we’ve been waiting for and it will be a great way to pass the time if you’ve already completed Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and are waiting for the release of Star Wars Outlaws.

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