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In a new episode of the Kinda Funny Gamecast, posted on June 3rd, Greg Miller and pals go together to discuss their predictions for the Summer Game Fest which is due to kick-off in under a week. Their chat covered a variety of games, but when the discussion landed upon Warner Bros. potentially showing off Wonder Woman, Gregg Miller jumped in with a bit of insider info.

Now, Gregg Miller talks quite quickly so I’ve done my best to quote him as precisely as I can. But you can also find the video version below, timestamped to the exact moment. Skip to 42:18 for the conversation.

” In the past year, cuz (sic) I’ll leave it ambiguous, I have talked to an insider who was, like, this game’s troubled. That’s it, that’s all I’ll say. So I don’t hold out hope that it’s in a place to show something.”

Shortly after he does clarify that he doesn’t know what “troubled” really means, but: “I think it’s not where they want it to be. I don’t think its ready for prime time, and then I go to what the fuck is WB doing? What do they wanna do, what are they trying to do [to these] games? I could easily see it you close that studio, you cancel the project.”

The team also discusses that while it isn’t a good sign, plenty of games have been reported to be development messes behind the scenes, only to end up perfectly fine and even great in some cases.

Wonder Woman was first revealed by Warner Bros. back in 2021 at The Game Awards, with Mionolith handling development. Aside from it being described as a “single-player open-world action game” we don’t know much about the project, except for one exciting thing: it will use the Nemesis system that Monolith built Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War around. In that system basic low-level enemies could be promoted for killing you or seemingly return from the dead with new abilities and strengths, earning themselves special monikers in the process. It’s an amazing system that strangely hasn’t been picked up by the rest of the industry and used in other games.

While Wonder Woman is far from being my favourite hero, the premise along with the developer makes me genuinely excited. Hopefully Gregg’s information is wrong or exaggerated, and even if it isn’t there’s still hope the game can turn out be great. By Batman’s cowl, Warner Bros. could do with a win in the superhero category after the abysmal Suicide Squad.

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