‘Warframe’ Jade Shadows Update Releases in June, Protea Prime Releasing This Wednesday – TouchArcade


Recently, Digital Extremes made the Warframe companion available once again on iOS after it was delisted. Alongside that, we had a tease for what’s to come this month in the newest full DevStream. That stream happened just before the weekend with quite a few reveals and announcements for the world of Warframe (Free) which is now available worldwide on iOS, Switch, PS5, Xbox, Steam, and more. The highlights include the next major cinematic update for Warframe, Jade Shadows, launches on all platforms this June adding in a new mission type, Clan Operation, cosmetic bundles, a single-player quest, and more to be revealed soon. The team also confirmed that Protea Prime will be launching on May 1st, this Wednesday for l platforms. Protea Prime will arrive with new Prime tech weapons as well. Watch the Warframe Protea Prime trailer below:

Watch the full DevStream for April 2024 below:

If you already had the Warframe Companion app, nothing changed, but if you didn’t, you can grab it here for free on the App Store for iOS. If you’d like to play Warframe Mobile on iOS now, you can get it on the App Store for iOS here. Check out the official Warframe Mobile iOS website here. You can pre-register or check out the Android website for the game here. If you missed it, read my interview with Warframe Creative Director Rebecca Ford & Mobile Product Lead Jussi Elonen about the game, cross platform support, controls, and a lot more here. I featured Warframe Mobile as one of the best mobile games of 2024 so far as well. What do you think of Warframe so far if you’ve played it on iOS?

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