Viral Nintendo Switch Hit ‘Suika Game’ Now Officially Available Worldwide on the App Store – TouchArcade


Back in January, Suika Game ($2.99) AKA the watermelon game from Aladdin X hit the App Store officially in Japan. Suika Game has sold multiple millions on Switch worldwide, and bringing it to mobile felt like the perfect next step. As with any viral hit game, there are tons of clones on other platforms, and I’m glad that it came to mobile soon after Switch. Despite originally launching in Japan on Switch before, Suika Game exploded in popularity last year thanks to vtubers like Korone and many more on Nintendo Switch. While it was playable on mobile through the browser, the official iOS release of Suika Game from Aladdin X is available worldwide on iOS on the App Store. The Japanese release got updated with English earlier this month and it is available worldwide. There’s no official mobile trailer for the launch so watch Korone play it below:

If you’d like to play Suika Game on iOS right now, buy it here for $2.99. It launched at 240 Yen in Japan. As of this writing, there is no mention of an Android release yet. Suika Game is also on Nintendo Switch with a new multiplayer mode DLC available. Suika Game was the most downloaded game on the Japanese eShop for 2023 and I’m curious to see how it does on mobile outside Japan. Check out the official Japanese website for Suika Game here. Have you been playing Suika Game on Switch and will you grab the mobile version on iOS today?

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