Uh oh, it looks like Final Fantasy 14 players are getting banned just for advertising their guild on Xbox


Final Fantasy 14 is finally on Xbox, except it seems like some players are being banned for a bit of a strange reason.

Like many MMOs, Final Fantasy 14 has a guild system, called Free Companies, which are essentially groups run by players where you can pool resources that allow you to complete tasks otherwise difficult to pull off by yourself. Players will regularly try to recruit others to join their Free Company, because of course you want as many people as you can all working towards common goals. Except, it seems like some players are getting banned for advertising their Free Companies on Xbox, and no one is entirely sure why.

Help if anyone can!
byu/TGB_B20kEn inffxiv

As spotted by TheGamer, a user on the Final Fantasy 14 subreddit shared that they had been banned looking for help. “I am an Xbox player here and I have just gotten banned by Xbox because they believe that ‘Free Company’ is solicitation in their looking for group posts,” wrote TGB_B20kEn, the user in question. “I filed an appeal and that got denied and have no idea what else to do.. All I have done is used the correct name.” Another user further down the thread noted that a friend of theirs had also been banned for listing their recruitment code, resulting in a two day ban.

TGB_B20kEn later explained in the thread that the explanation they were given stated that their “account violated the Community Standards and was subjected to enforcement action,” but there were no more details than that. The ban apparently will last for 61 days, and it prevents them from communicating with others, though they can still play the MMO at the very least.

It’s not clear if this is a widespread issue, but if you’re a player that likes to share word of your Free Company, maybe take this as a PSA to hold off until the issue is resolved.

Final Fantasy 14 arrived on Xbox last week after a long wait, and it’s come at a good time too, as the game’s next expansion, Dawntrail, has a July release date now too
, just a short few months away.

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