Ubisoft Toronto might be hinting at Splinter Cell remake appearing at Ubisoft Forward – WGB


Let’s talk about something fun and speculative for a moment: Ubisoft Toronto may be planning on lifting the lid on its Splinter Cell remake at the upcoming Ubisoft Forward on June 10.

Ubisoft announced yesterday plans to bring back Ubisoft Forward On June 10. The first Forward happened last year and is essentially Ubisoft’s own mini version of E3, held around the same time E3 would have been had it not been murdered.

On the same day, Ubisoft Toronto, who previously revealed they are working on a Splinter Cell remake, made a few changes to their official X page. The studio swapped out its header image for the iconic night-vision goggles worn by Sam Fisher in the Splinter Cell franchise. They also changed the Ubisoft Toronto logo for one with a green background, again a reference to the Splinter Cell games.

It could be nothing or just the company having some fun. But it’s rather odd that Ubisoft Toronto would choose to change its imagery to the classic three green lights on the same day that Ubisoft announced its second Ubisoft Forward, and to me it hints heavily that they may finally be ready to show us the Splinter Cell remake, which is based on the very first Splinter Cell releases in 2002.

Of course, we can’t ignore the idea that it could be referencing something else Splinter Cell related, such as a brand new game. The series has been dormant for so long now, unless you count the mobile game released a few years back, but has maintained a loyal fanbase waiting its return. However, given Ubisoft’s track record, it’s hard to be hopeful that any new game in the series will capture what made Splinter Cell amazing.

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