The next Tomb Raider game will be open-world, set in India and feature a Society of Raiders – WGB


We may have gotten our first information about the next Tomb Raider game courtesy of someone who typically posts Hollywood scoops.

V Scooper typically posts insider information relating to the movie industry and has a decent track record. How and why he or she managed to stumble across information pertaining to a new Tomb Raider game is unclear, although perhaps it’s due to the Tomb Raider franchise having crossed into film territory a few times.

Whatever the case may be, V Scooper claims to know quite a bit about the next Tomb Raider title which was actually announced back in 2022 when Crystal Dynamics said it’s being developed on Unreal Engine 5.

According to V Scooper, the new game will be set in India and will feature an open world that can be traversed using a motorbike, a classic vehicle for Lara Croft.

“Next TOMB RAIDER game will be fully open world and set in India Featuring vast sceneries, free use of the motorcycle, parachute, and common Lara’s traversal methods to unrestrictedly navigate across a big map and its challenges,” said V Scooper.

V Scooper went on to post further details. According to them, a “natural disaster” in India reveals ancient ruins and artefacts relating to Emperor Ashoka. Ashoka is indeed a real historical figure who is typically credited with playing a major role in spreading Buddhism across ancient Asia.

V Scooper then says that the game will have Lara Croft racing against a “Society of Raiders” and other rivals who also want to grab these power artefacts. Apparently, this strange Society of Raider is inspired by Lara but is “unaffiliated and might have some opposite agendas.”

There will also apparently be a new feature based around recruiting people to aid in missions, as well as an “emphasis on a new non-lethal combat option.”

As for when the game might turn up, V Scooper claims that it’s supposed to release in less than a year if there are no delays, but “this is totally not locked.” They also seem to believe they will be “proven most likely soon.”

As always with this kind of stuff, take it with a healthy dose of salt.

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