The Finals Brings XP Boost, Balance Changes In Update 2.10.0; Read The Full Patch Notes


Embark Studios has patched The Finals once again as Season 2 comes to an end, offering up an XP boost for players as well as a host of balance changes. You can read the full details in The Finals update 2.10.0 patch notes below.

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As we near the end of Season 2, it’s time to boost XP to give a helping hand to those still working on that last page of the Battlepass!

We have the final community event of Season 2, and the final event featuring the community-pink rewards! Here is your mission, if you choose to accept: work together to collectively deal 18 billion in damage to enemy contestants in the next week! For the first time ever, you’ll be able to track your progress both in-game and on embark ID. Let’s make sure to end the season with a bang!

We’re also bringing some changes to the APS turret, making it less of a powerhouse, a sweet set of buffs to the Throwing Knives and a fix for the annoying Voice Chat bug on XBOX, and much more!

Let’s dive in:

Balance Changes



  • New feature: The APS turret now consumes a set amount of health for each projectile it destroys
    • The health cost per destroyed projectile is 40%


Throwing Knives

  • Reduced the delay before the first projectile spawns from 0.22s to 0.11s to make the attacks more responsive
  • Reduced the delay between the first and second projectile spawning from 0.15s to 0.11s to make it easier to land both knives on a moving target
  • Increased the initial projectile speed from 138m/s to 166m/s increasing the weapon’s precision
  • Increased the primary attack damage from 60 to 63

Content and Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where a camera shake would play at each orbital laser charge up event, the shake is now removed


  • Fixed voice chat not working in certain situations on Xbox


  • Fixed the Darque Mood Hairstyle to prevent it from briefly obscuring the first-person camera during the intro screen
  • Fixed the in-game appearance of the Pink Chunky Wedge Trainers


  • Fixed an issue where selecting contracts using a controller would break the selected focus

Game Modes

  • Fixed a bug where healbeam and defibrillators could be used in Terminal Attack
  • Make it less likely that boxes and stations get stuck underneath the ground


  • Reduced the size of the Zipline anchors’ ping hitbox
  • Reduced the scale at which Ziplines become easier to ping from a distance, making it less likely that they absorb pings intended for other nearby targets
  • Fixed unintentional freelook enabled when interacting with objectives and statues
  • Fixed the Glitch Barrel being hard to pick up in certain situations
  • Fixing issue where players could get stuck colliding with Goo when on moving platforms


Las Vegas

  • Fixed lens flares incorrectly appearing around the edge of the screen at sunset
  • Fixed characters hovering slightly above the ground during the post-match winner celebration


  • Fixed issue where a win in Terminal Attack did not count towards the “First win of the Day” and “Win X Games”- contracts
  • Community event progress is now displayed on the leaderboard screen
  • Daily Contracts increase from 1000 XP to 10000 XP
  • In-game performance and objective XP has been increased by 50%


  • Added support for Steam invites


  • Fixed a bug where players could quick melee while using the Charge ‘n’ Slam ability
  • Fixed quick melee being available while using the Mesh Shield


  • Added more events to the in-game score log, such as revives
  • Fixed an issue where your own position wasn’t shown in the leaderboard screen
  • Fixed Quick action buttons disappearing after switching tabs in the Social menu
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘Enable Voice Chat’ key bind remaining togglable while typing a player report
  • Fixed an issue where players could accidentally open the party menu when in settings by pressing the shortcut button
  • Animations will autoplay the current selection when browsing customization categories
  • Updated the overview stats in the equipment screen for FAMAS and FCAR to better reflect their tuning
  • Added a new system to the frontend that limits frame rate and resolution after receiving no user input for a while, or when the app is not in focusDev note: This will help save energy and spare your PCs and consoles from working too hard when the game is idling. This only affects the main menu and can be toggled in the new Energy Saving section of the Video setting.


  • Fixed some environment decals rendering on top of the first-person meshes


  • We have now increased our detection of devices that emulate a controller while playing with Mouse and Keyboard, which is not permitted
  • Updates and improvements to current detection methods for increased accuracy

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