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Presenting The Dreaded Zombies Addon (1.20), prepare for an adrenaline-pumping adventure as this bone-chilling expansion introduces a relentless swarm of nightmarish undead into your world. Brace yourself for an onslaught of unique and formidable zombie variants, each with its own set of challenges that will push your survival skills to the limit. Your Minecraft experience is about to become more thrilling, unpredictable, and downright spine-tingling!


Zombie List:

  • Mutant Zombie with Clabs: Witness the grotesque Mutant Zombie with razor-sharp claws, ready to tear through anything in its path. This formidable foe possesses enhanced strength and agility, making it a relentless adversary. Approach with caution, as its melee attacks pack a serious punch.
  • Legless Zombie: Prepare to face the Legless Zombie, a macabre creation that defies the natural order. Although lacking lower limbs, this undead menace compensates with an eerie speed and the ability to crawl effortlessly through tight spaces. Be wary, as it’s surprisingly agile and persistent.
  • Explosive Zombie with TNT: The Explosive Zombie is a ticking time bomb, quite literally. This undead carries TNT on its back, turning it into a walking explosive hazard. Keep your distance, as defeating this zombie risks triggering a catastrophic blast that can reshape the landscape around you.
  • Giant Zombie: Behold the Giant Zombie, a colossal monstrosity that towers over its lesser counterparts. Its sheer size grants it a formidable presence, and its powerful strikes can send players flying. Confronting this behemoth requires strategic planning and well-timed attacks.
  • Headless Zombie: The Headless Zombie is a nightmarish sight with no head to be seen. Despite its apparent handicap, this undead aberration relies on its heightened senses and unpredictable movements to track down unsuspecting players. Survive its relentless pursuit and erratic attacks.
  • Archer Zombie: Meet the Archer Zombie, a cunning undead equipped with a bow and deadly accuracy. Unlike its melee-focused counterparts, this zombie engages from a distance, making it a persistent threat during both day and night. Dodge its arrows and outsmart its ranged attacks to emerge victorious.


How to install:

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For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.20

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