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Welcome to Terra Imperitorias. Founded in 2023, Terra 1912 is an ambitious project driven by lore and love of the past. The team of 19 people takes inspiration from unbuilt or fictional architecture, old paintings, records and maps to create “fictional —but historically accurate— cities”.

The project is headed by Kieran White (WBC Builds), who runs the WBC Builds channel where he shows the builds to his 50K+ subscribers. Kieran made the beginnings of Terra 1912 in 2019 with his personal project of Walhampton, an “English inspired country” and a “melting pot of all sorts of architectural styles and eras. Focusing specifically on the Georgian and Victorian styles”

The project focuses on presentation and historical fact, with beautiful aesthetic renders, shots and tours. A shop with prints of the buildings (like the 100 tallest on the cover) is coming soon as of writing this.

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