Stellar Blade Update 1.004 Causes Visual Issues, Fix Incoming


Stellar Blade update 1.004 rolled out on the PS5 a few days ago, and it seems to have messed up the game’s graphics for some. The issues are more pronounced when using Balanced and Graphics modes, prompting players to switch to Performance Mode for the time being.

Stellar Blade update 1.004 visual issues acknowledged by Shift Up

In Balanced Mode, players are reporting blurry and fuzzy images. The issue impacts gameplay as well as the menu screen. Those who are using Graphics Mode are also complaining of blurry visuals. Performance Mode, however, works fine.

The good news is that Shift Up is aware of the problem and has said that it’s working with Sony to release a fix as soon as possible.

For now, the only workaround is using the Performance Mode.

As a reminder, the latest Stellar Blade update adds two new outfits for Eve and the ability to change her hairstyle at any time. Those who aren’t fans of Stellar Blade’s platforming will be pleased to note that Eve’s jump direction when swinging on the rope has been improved, so you won’t be needlessly falling to your death multiple times in a row.

We’ll update our readers when the next Stellar Blade patch is out with visual fixes.

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