Stellar Blade Update 1.003 Adds Boss Challenge Mode, Patch Notes Released


Developer Shift Up announces that Stellar Blade’s 1.003 update launches on May 24. The update goes live at 3:00 AM Eastern/Midnight Pacific and introduces a new Boss Challenge Mode and three new Nano outfits. The update also adds a special gift that players can collect from Roxanne.

Stellar Blade gets Boss Challenge mode and three new outfits

Shift Up revealed an abbreviated version of the patch notes on Twitter, with further details in a PlayStation Blog post. Stellar Blade Update 1.003 does the following when it goes live on Friday:

  • Added a new ‘Boss Challenge’ mode.
    • Replay against defeated bosses in multiple settings.
    • Unlock a new costume, ‘Neurolink Suit,’ by defeating all bosses in the new ‘Boss Challenge’ mode.
  • Two new outfits from the “Kunoichi” series can be obtained at Adam’s safehouse. 
  • Fixed bugs such as unplayable sections, events not triggering, and trophies not being awarded.
  • Quality-of-life improvements
    • Added an auto-lock-on option when exiting ranged mode.
    • Added option to always show the compass in HUD.
    • Slightly increased the time limit for puzzles.
  • Many other improvements have been made to the controls, balance, and more.
  • Roxanne has prepared a small gift for all of you.

Stellar Blade players unlock bosses for the Boss Challenge mode by defeating them in the main game. They can challenge the bosses with their current equipment or use one of several presets. The Minimum preset makes for a more challenging experience, while the Maximum preset buffs Eve’s skills for a more spectacular fight. Players must complete it in Normal difficulty or higher to unlock Eve’s red and white Neurolink Suit.

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