Stellar Blade Review Scores Addressed by Shift Up CEO


Shift Up CEO Hyung-Tae Kim has said that he’s “very satisfied” with Stellar Blade critic review scores on Metacritic and Open Critic. This is Kim’s first statement on the PS5 exclusive’s reception, which surprised many. Stellar Blade also boasts universal acclaim on Metacritic based on user ratings.

Shift Up CEO ‘motivated’ by Stellar Blade review scores

In a post launch interview with Korean outlet Nate, Kim was quizzed about Stellar Blade’s ratings. The game currently holds a critic average of 82/100 on Metacritic and 84/100 on Open Critic.

“I am very satisfied with the score,” Kim responded, adding that there are a number of high-profile games that have received similar scores or even less. “I am motivated by the fact that leading games have received similar or lower scores, and that there is room for further improvement,” he continued.

Kim said that Shift Up won’t shy away from making such games in the future, with hopes of growing further. But when it comes to Stellar Blade, it remains to be seen whether the game’s performance will satisfy publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment or not. Sony’s indie boss Shuhei Yoshida was the driving force behind nabbing Stellar Blade as a PS5 exclusive.

Kim previously said that Stellar Blade’s commercial performance will determine whether it gets a sequel or not.

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