Stellar Blade Performance and Polish Praised by Tech Expert


Shift Up’s PS5 exclusive Stellar Blade released to positive reviews, and has earned high praise for its performance and polish. Tech experts at Digital Foundry tested the game and found that it’s a refreshingly “proper, complete, polished” experience with fun gameplay reminiscent of the legendary PS2 era.

Stellar Blade has nearly perfect performance

First revealed as Project Eve, Stellar Blade was an ambitious endeavour that many wondered if Shift Up would be able to pull off. The developer managed to achieve that feat, with the game settling for a Metacritic average score of 82/100 after 110 critic reviews. Nearly every review praised Stellar Blade for its bug-free performance and fluid gameplay.

Digital Foundry delved deep into Stellar Blade’s technical performance and confirmed that it’s completely polished and delivers stable gameplay throughout. Any issues are so negligible that they’re barely noticeable.

“A brand-new game that echoes some of the design choices and experimentation of a bygone era, combined with excellent visuals and a brilliant level of polish makes Stellar Blade a winner,” wrote John Linneman, adding that he’s impressed by Shift Up offering a stable 60 FPS mode without any stuttering. He also said that Stellar Blade’s image quality sometimes “exceeds the native 4K option.”

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