Stellar Blade 2 Is Already Being Teased


PS5 exclusive Stellar Blade has yet to release but there’s already talk of Stellar Blade 2. Developer Shift Up seems keen to explore possibilities, if its comments in a recent interview are anything to go by. However, the studio made it clear that it needs to sell enough copies of the upcoming game first.

Will Stellar Blade 2 have Sony’s blessing?

The aforementioned comments come from Shift Up CEO Hyung-Tae Kim in a recent interview with Famitsu (thanks, GamesRadar). Kim was quizzed about protagonist Eve’s age and if players will find out how old she is as the game progresses. Kim responded by saying that those who are curious about Eve’s age should play Stellar Blade, and suggested that if there’s enough demand for another entry, we may find out the character’s age in the sequel.

It’s possible that Kim’s comments were made in jest, but it’s equally possible that Sony will order a sequel should the first game do well. At the very least, Shift Up doesn’t seem opposed to the idea of working on a second installment.

Stellar Blade was originally announced as a multiplatform game until Sony stepped in, all thanks to PlayStation indies boss Shuhei Yoshida. A demo is currently available via the PS Store.

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