Square Enix Is Working To Fix A Final Fantasy XVI Bug That Could Halt Your NG+ Progress Before It Begins


Final Fantasy XVI released in June 2023, and in that time has been praised for its incredible and epic story, which now has two DLC expansions stacked on top of it.

Even though Square Enix has confirmed that there’s really no chance that players will get more DLC than the two already available expansions, if you want more Final Fantasy XVI, you can always just jump into new game plus.

Be warned though, because a bug that’s popped up since the games latest update could stop our new game plus progress before it begins. Square Enix took to Twitter to make players aware of the bug, and give them a workaround, should they encounter it.

Basically, when beginning a NG+ run, if you skip the prologue, then as Square puts it, “there is a small chance that, under certain conditions, party members will not appear on screen, preventing progress through the main scenario quest ‘A Chance Encounter.’”

Short version, skipping the prologue could block you from getting any further in your new game plus run. It should be clear though that this isn’t a for sure thing, so skip the prologue at your own risk.

If this does happen to you though, there is a workaround, which essentially boils down to going back to a save file before you started a NG+ run, and start NG+ all over again, just don’t skip the prologue this time.

Square Enix is of course working on a patch, and putting this bug to the top of the priority list, so a fix should be released soon.

Source – [Square Enix]

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