Sony Reveals PS Plus Extra, Premium Members Account For 35% Of Overall Subscriptions


Sony Interactive Entertainment has revealed during its business segment meeting overnight that PS Plus Extra & Premium members account for around 35% of overall subscriptions to Sony’s flagship service.

The format holder revealed that 16% of subscriptions are attributed to PS Plus Extra, while 19% are made up of PS Plus Premium subscribers. More importantly, this represents growth for Sony’s service year-on-year, as the same period last year saw 30% of overall subscribers paying extra.

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PS Plus Premium is the most expensive version of the service, offering a wealth of additional PS4 games for your hard-earned cash, plus also access to retro titles spanning PS3, PS2, PS1, and PSP. Furthermore, many of the classic PS1/PSP titles have new features including quick-save, rewind, and Trophies.

[Source – Sony Business Segment Meeting]

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