Sea of Thieves Season 12 raises the Jolly Roger: Prepare for zipline adventures, loot, new weapons, pets, and a PS5 premiere


Sea of Thieves is now available on PlayStation 5 as a digital download and supports cross-play between PC, PlayStation, Steam, and Xbox.

The release coincides with the launch of Season 12, a free update to players across all platforms, and it brings a host of game-changing features.

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The central focus of Season 12 is expanding the tools at your disposal so you can always be the type of pirate you want to be, no matter what that looks like. To make that happen, Rare focuses on combat this season. For the first time since launch, two new weapons have been added to your Armoury, offering new alternatives for approaching the likes of skeletons, Sirens, Ocean Crawlers, and, of course, enemy crews.

Season 12 expands your arsenal with the Double Barrel Pistol and Throwing Knives. Additionally, you can use two new tools, summoning friendly skeletons to fight on your behalf with the Bone Caller or command the wind with the Horn of Fair Winds.

All these new additions are accompanied by other changes to gameplay including the installation of ziplines for island traversal, and the Horn of Fair Winds – an artifact that provides perks from filling your sails and boosting swimming speed to rebuffing enemies and putting out fires.

As always, the latest update also adds new cosmetics. The latest season brings a new Plunder Pass to unlock the myth-inspired Gorgon ship collection, Headband, and two-stage Stone Curse.

There’s also the Checkmate ship set, weapons, and clothing, the Sting Tide collection from a previous Plunder Pass has returned to the game. Finally, owls have been added a pet to the game and you have the choice of five from a Barn Owl to a Black Banded Owl.

With ziplines, the expanding land-based travel options, and owls arriving for purchase in the Pirate Emporium, Season 12 sounds like a fun season on the seas.

Originally released in 2018, Sea of Thieves, the game features plenty of content updates including crossover stories such as A Pirate’s Life and The Legend of Monkey Island, on-demand PVP and Safer Seas, and tools such as harpoons, fishing poles, and more. It’s rather popular too with over 40 million players.

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