Sea Of Thieves’ Release On PS5 Is Reportedly The Game Microsoft Is Closely Looking At Regarding Future Xbox Titles Coming To PlayStation


Sea Of Thieves is coming to PS5, it’ll be the final Xbox game to do so in this batch of four previously exclusive Xbox games coming to other platforms, PlayStation included.

It’s also, according to a report from The Verge, a “key test” game in this multi-platform experiment Microsoft is conducting. The report states that per The Verge’s sources, the publications “understand[s] Sea Of Thieves will be a key test for whether other games might make their way to PS5 or Switch.”

Something that’s interesting to note because early signs say that Sea Of Thieves will in fact be quite popular on the platform. The first ever Rare game coming to a PlayStation console enjoyed some time at the top of PlayStation’s pre-order charts.

Of course Sea Of Thieves is a live service title, so while initial sales on the platform may be positive, it’ll be more telling when counting how many players have stuck around by the end of the year.

That could also however not be the thing Microsoft is concerned about. Maybe it is just whether or not games like Sea Of Thieves and other big Xbox titles that have a strong legacy with the platform are interesting to those on the PlayStation side.

Whatever the case, this multi-platform experiment seems to be going well so far, with Pentiment and Hi-Fi Rush already on PlayStation, so hopefully the strong streak can continue with Grounded and Sea Of Thieves.

Source – [The Verge]

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