Rumour – Persona 4 Remake Still On The Way, But Not For “A While”


Atlus has taken a page out of Capcom’s book and looked at its own wealth of classic titles beloved by fans worldwide, and thought it would be a good idea to remake them for modern audiences.

So now not only do we have a remaster and a reboot for the Shin Megami Tensei series, we also have a remake for Persona 3, and hopefully, we’ll soon be getting a remake for Persona 4.

That remake has yet to be confirmed by Atlus or SEGA, but leaker Midori has reiterated what they previously stated, that a remake for Persona 4 is indeed happening.

Spotted by MyNintendoNews, this time Midori adds that fans will have to “wait a while” for any news to come out about the remake, but stands firm in the fact that it will indeed be happening.

A Persona 4 Remake isn’t the only thing incoming according to Midori, who also previously claimed that a Persona 2 Remaster was on its way. Though no news regarding that project this time around.

Source – [Midori via MyNintendoNews]

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