Rumour – 2K And Gearbox Will Reveal Borderlands 4 At Summer Game Fest 2024


It’s almost Summer Game Fest 2024 showcase time, as we’re a little more than a day away from the event kicking off and plenty of announcements regarding known and unknown games to come.

As it is every year, publishers that have things to show are doing what they can to hype up the show in the hopes players will be excited for what’s to come, and with that also comes rounds and rounds of speculation.

Earlier this week it was confirmed by Summer Game Fest that 2K will show off “the next iteration in one of 2K’s biggest and most beloved franchises.” On Wednesday, a rumour appeared on Exputer’s forums, which claimed that the game meant in that post is Borderlands 4.

Exputer is a site that regularly leaks accurate information regarding upcoming projects, though this was posted to the website’s forums, not an article for the main site, which puts it in a bit of a murky position as a claim. For its part, the post does claim to be informed by Exputer’s “contacts.”

The last Borderlands game arrived in 2019, and earlier this year we had a confirmation from Gearbox that it was working on the next game in the franchise. It’s not at all a stretch to believe Gearbox has been working on it now for years, and only started talking about it this year because it would be announced, and potentially launching, soon.

Thankfully we’ll see very shortly if rumours like this are true or not. While this could very well be a very good guess, it’s just as likely it’s a very real leak.

Source – [Exputer Forums]

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