Returnal Developer Housemarque Shares Mysterious Teasers


Returnal developer Housemarque recently shared a pair of cryptic teasers pointing to a big reveal on Tuesday. It’s hard to say what the Finnish studio has in store just from the teasers, but it may be fans first look at its mysterious new IP.

Returnal Developer Housemarque cryptically teases new game

Housemarque shared the first teaser on Twitter early Monday. The tweet consists of an image showing two eyes looking at you through shattered glass and the word “Tomorrow.” Almost two and a half hours later, the studio followed up with an animated teaser starting with “Tomorrow.” It then cracks and shatters, briefly revealing the same image as before.

Returnal was Housemarque’s biggest game to date. The unique third-person-shooter horror roguelike follows space pilot Selene Vassos after she crashes and lands on the quarantined planet Atropos. Trapped in a time loop, she must confront both dangerous creatures and supernatural visions. The game won Best Action Game at the 2021 Game Awards and walked away with multiple 2022 DICE and BAFTA awards. Housemarque later expanded the game with the free Ascension DLC in 2022.

However, Rather than Returnal 2, the reveal is likely the new IP that Housemarque had been working on for some time. Housemarque’s managing director, Ilari Kuittinen, briefly mentioned the new project during a 2022 interview with VentureBeat. He didn’t reveal much about it other than that it probably won’t be multiplayer. However, that was very early in the new game’s development.

Based on Housemarque’s success with Returnal, it’s tempting to assume that the new game might be similar in some way. If nothing else, the teasers certainly give off horror vibes. Fans will find out tomorrow what the studio has in store.

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