Returnal dev Housemarque is teasing something big for the game’s 3rd anniversary – WGB


Housemarque, the Sony-owned studio that developed Returnal, is teasing something for tomorrow that looks a lot like it will be related to Returnal.

The studio posted a mysterious image to X (Twitter) showing a pair of eyes peering through shattered glass with the word “tomorrow” written in yellow font. While the eyes could be those of Returnal’s lead character Selene Vassos, it’s left nebulous. One potential hint might be that the eye on the right is different, matching that of Selene who has heterochromia.

There is a big clue about what Housemarque’s announcement could be related to – tomorrow will be April 30th, the 3rd anniversary of Returnal’s launch in 2021. It seems highly unlikely that Housemarque would tease something on this date without it being at least related to Returnal, whether a full-blown sequel, expansion, spin-off or some sort of behind the scenes documentary.

My guess isn’t a new game though, as I feel like they’d want to save that for a PlayStation Showcase or similar event. Housemarque have also previously stated that they were working on something new that would come out before any Returnal sequel.

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