Resistance Retribution Update 1.02 Patch Notes Reveal Infected Mode & Extra Trophies


Sony Bend Studio has released the Resistance Retribution update 1.02 patch notes, which confirms the addition of the highly requested Infected mode, plus a bunch of new Trophies to earn.

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  • Fixed the last story trophy not popping upon completion of the mission for some players – Destroy the Chrysalis and Raine. Go get that elusive Platinum trophy!
  • General bug fixes. Just like Grayson, gotta smash those alien bugs.


We added the highly requested Infected mode back to Resistance: Retribution! Ah, needed this.

  • Playing in Infected mode, James Grayson will wear the black Specter uniform with glowing Chimeran eyes (creepy). As Grayson, you now possess regenerative health and can breathe underwater. Plus, there is more Intel to find and a shiny new weapon to use. Hint: It’s the HE.44 Magnum.
  • Added DLC trophy pack for Infected mode

Yes, you read that right. Not only did we add Infected mode, but we’re bringing you 3 additional trophies to earn!

[Source – Resistance Retribution Patch Notes]

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