Resident Evil 9 Reveal, Release Date Reportedly Coming Soon


A known insider has claimed that Resident Evil 9 release date isn’t too far off, and the game will be revealed “pretty soon.” It was recently reported that Resident Evil 9 may have been delayed internally, but that claim has since been walked back on.

Resident Evil 9 reveal and release date news speculated at PlayStation Showcase

The insider in question is none other than Dusk Golem, who took to X to ask followers to ignore rumblings of a delay. “RE9 should be revealed pretty soon and release next year,” Dusk Golem said. “If what I heard previously holds true, should be in January. It’ll have had about seven years in development.”

January 2025 seems to be a safe guess considering it falls in line with Capcom’s release pattern. However, things can change during the course of development, so take this rumor with a grain of salt until official confirmation.

Speaking of official confirmation, there’s some speculation that Resident Evil 9 might be revealed at the rumored PlayStation Showcase that’s supposedly happening within the month. Capcom has previously announced Resident Evil games at PlayStation events so we wouldn’t be surprised if this does happen.

That said, Sony has plenty to address as it is in its next PlayStation Showcase, including the PS5 Pro.

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