Red Dead Redemption’s PS4 Remaster Is Now Available To GTA+ Subscribers On PS5 And PS4


Red Dead Redemption was finally given the bare-minimum treatment fans on the PlayStation side of things had wanted for years – a way to play it without having to turn on the PS3.

Even if it was well over-priced at launch, and didn’t even take full advantage of being playable on better hardware than what it originally launched on, it’s now great to have a version players can go to without needing to jump back two generations.

On Tuesday, Rockstar revealed that there’s a whole new way to get the game in your library, if its astronomical price was what put you off before. All players subscribed to GTA+ now have access to the Red Dead Redemption PS4 version, which includes the base game and the Undead Nightmare DLC.

For those unaware, GTA+ is a subscription service for those who are deep into GTA Online, or brand new players wanting to get deep into it, as it provides you with multiple GTA Online-focused benefits, and now access to Red Dead Redemption.

Subscribers also have access to the abysmally-launched Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, if you need more convincing to grab a subscription.

You can of course buy the Red Dead remaster and the GTA Trilogy separately, as well.

Source – [Rockstar]

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