‘PUBG’ update 19.1 includes a new weapon and vehicle


PUBG: Battlegrounds’ free 19.1 update is set to launch next week for PC and come to consoles the week after, and it includes a lot of new content.

Update 19.1 comes to PC on August 10, whilst arriving on consoles on August 18. According to the patch notes from this week players can expect a new weapon, new vehicle, new tactical gear and a new feature in the folded shield (via Eurogamer).

The MP9 is a new submachine gun coming with the update, it spawns on the map and uses 9mm ammunition. It has single and full-auto fire modes, does 31 damage per shot and has an effective range of 100 metres, making it better for close-range combat.

Meanwhile, the new vehicle is the Pillar Security car, which will have high-quality equipment in its boot. It has 900 HP, can hold up to four players, has a fuel tank of 1,000 and a top speed of 130km/h (135km/h with boost).

PUBG. Credit: PUBG Corp

The Blue Chip Detector tactical gear lets players see the location of other players on the map. The screen of the device updates every five seconds and will make a beeping noise only the holder can hear to signify that it has scanned the area. It has a radius of 100 metres, showing the 12 closest opponents in that range. The device will also use arrows to show if the enemy is higher or lower than the user.

Last up is the folded shield, which can be carried and placed on the ground for some quick cover in a firefight. It has 1,500 HP, is easier to destroy with grenades, and cannot be refolded once installed on the ground.

Developer Krafton does also note that players should “please keep in mind the features and updates shown below may be modified or even possibly removed due to reasons such as bugs, in-game issues, and/or community feedback.”

Elsewhere in the realm of PUBG: Battlegrounds, an Assassin’s Creed crossover will start on August 18 that includes player costumes, cosmetic rewards, and even some new mechanics as well.

In other news, MultiVersus season 1 has been teased, and it includes new ranked and arcade game modes.

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