PS Store Prices and Practices Being Investigated in Poland


Poland has joined a growing list of countries scrutinizing PS Store prices and alleged anti-competitive practices by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Last year, Romania announced a similar investigation, and in November 2023, U.K.’s competition court ruled that a lawsuit over the same issue brought forward by the country’s consumer rights activists will go ahead.

PS Store prices and practices under spotlight as Sony increases digitalization

In a press release, Poland’s Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) said that PlayStation Store and Steam are being specifically investigated for “restrictive practices,” including but not limited to: “exclusion of competing platforms, exploitation of game developers and publishers, and higher prices for players.”

UOKiK apparently raided a Sony office in Poland alongside those of two unnamed game developers. President Tomasz Chróstny pledged “severe sanctions” but offered reprieve to those who cooperate with the investigation.

Sony has also previously faced a lawsuit over alleged anti-competitive practices in the U.S., which was dismissed in 2022. The timing of Poland’s and Romania’s investigation, as well as U.K.’s lawsuit, is particularly important because Sony revealed yesterday that PlayStation’s full game software digital download ratio reached an all-time high of 70% in FY2023, indicating that despite reservations, players have switched from discs to digital downloads.

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