PlayStation Exclusive Lost Soul Aside Might Get Release Date


Final Fantasy-inspired PlayStation exclusive Lost Soul Aside might finally get a release date soon. The game was first revealed nearly eight years ago in 2016 as a lone developer’s private project, and was picked up by Sony as a PS4 exclusive the same year. It was originally scheduled to release in 2018.

Lost Soul Aside approved in China, leading to speculations of a release date announcement

Lost Soul Aside’s official X account announced that the game is now licensed to release in China — developer UltiZero Games’ home country. Adding more context to the tweet, Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad said that this means Lost Soul Aside has been reviewed in China and received the green light to launch. Fans should expect an update fairly soon — within the next three months or so.

As for when we can expect Lost Soul Aside to launch, considering that the game is seemingly nearing the end of development, it’s possible that a release date will be set within the next year. Ahmad said that the type of license that Lost Soul Aside received doesn’t come with a release deadline so keep your expectations in check.

Neither Sony nor UltiZero have confirmed the fate of Lost Soul Aside’s PS4 version, which appears to have been canceled.

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