PlayStation 5 Pro Specs Confirmed, Analysis + New Information – A DF Direct Special


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In a brand new DF Direct Special we find Alex, Rich and Oliver confirming the leaked technical specifications for Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro console, we talk you through what the various spec points mean in terms of the gameplay experience, we go deep on ray tracing and machine learning-based upscaling and we reveal some new information about the new console based on recent developer disclosures.

NOTE: ROG Ally actually uses Zen 4 architecture – not Zen 3 – which makes the point about the lack of perceivable improvement over Steam Deck’s Zen 2 even more pertinent.

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0:00:00 Sponsored by MSI QD OLED
0:00:36 Introduction
0:01:43 The CPU: What’s Changed?
0:16:01 GPU Performance Boosts and Architecture
0:27:45 Ray Tracing: Really 2x to 4x Faster?
0:36:38 PSSR Upscaling and Machine Learning Performance
0:46:53 Additional Memory for Games
0:50:16 Closing Thoughts: What Do We Make of PS5 Pro So Far?

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