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Plasma TNT Explosives Addon (1.20) brings you a gateway to an electrifying adventure. Prepare to be amazed as you explore a universe of explosive innovation. Let’s take a sneak peek at the mind-blowing variety of TNT wonders this addon introduces to your Minecraft realm.


1. Critter TNT: Unleash chaos with this compact but powerful TNT that scatters critters upon detonation, adding an element of unpredictability to your explosions.

2. Flora TNT: Transform the landscape with a vibrant explosion of flora, seeding the earth with new life and color in the wake of destruction.

3. Galactic TNT: Harness the power of the cosmos with this otherworldly TNT, capable of rending space and time to leave your enemies in awe.

4. Gargantuan Nature TNT: Behold the might of nature unleashed! This TNT dwarfs all others, creating massive craters and reshaping the very terrain itself.

5. Great TNT: Amplify your explosions with the Great TNT, striking fear into the hearts of any who dare oppose you.

6. Hydro TNT: Make a splash with the Hydro TNT, flooding the land with a torrential wave of water upon detonation.

7. Incendiary TNT: Ignite the skies with the Incendiary TNT, engulfing the landscape in flames and chaos.

8. Inferno TNT: Dive into the heart of the blaze with the Inferno TNT, turning even the most fortified structures into ashes

9. Luckyblock TNT: Roll the dice of fate with the Luckyblock TNT, where every explosion brings a chance for riches or ruin.

10. Shrapnel TNT: Unleash a storm of shrapnel with this explosive, turning the battlefield into a chaotic frenzy of flying debris.

11. Volcano TNT: Awaken the fury of the earth itself with the Volcano TNT, triggering eruptions of molten lava and seismic upheaval.

All the TNTs:

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For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.20

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