PC Players Still Confused About PSN for PlayStation Games


PC players still seem confused and vexed over Sony’s PSN account linking requirement for PlayStation games. What started as a mandatory step for multiplayer games has now been extended to single-player games as well, and although much has been said about the backlash, there’s been no noticeable impact on sales yet.

PSN requirement for PlayStation games on PC explained

Earlier today, known insider billbil-kun published an entire report on Concord requiring a PSN account to play on PC, which is a tad surprising since billbil-kun has an excellent track record and this report is a massive nothingburger. Sony, like many other companies, has made it very clear that multiplayer games will require PSN going forward.

What is a little confusing, however, is why the company is including PSN requirement for single-player games like God of War Ragnarok and Until Dawn. We’re assuming the company wants to add PSN overlay to every game going forward, and that won’t work without a PSN account. As seen in the case of Helldivers 2, making PSN mandatory later down the line would result in backlash, so the company is being cautious.

Ghost of Tsushima was pulled from sale from hundreds of countries due to lack of PSN support, but it still became one of Sony’s best-selling PC games thus far. We do hope more people get to play PlayStation games on PC regardless of their region, but Sony seems to be in no rush to make that happen right now.

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