Next PS5 Update Will Introduce New Multiplayer Invite System


Sony is giving PlayStation 5 players a new way to invite each other to multiplayer games. A future update will allow them to create a shareable link and send it to their users via a messaging app or social media platform. Sony is also working on a new feature to let users share their PlayStation Network profile on social media.

Players will be able to create invite links through their PS5 console or using the PlayStation app. Doing so eliminates the need to send another user a friend request before inviting them to a multiplayer session. The invitees will need to own the game on PS5 and have a PS Plus subscription to access multiplayer. It also does not work on any backward-compatible PS4 games. However, Sony intends for all PS5 games to have this functionality.

PlayStation didn’t say precisely when this new feature will go live, though it will be some time “in the coming months.” Some games will also require updates to work correctly with the new feature. However, Sony only expects a small number of games to have issues. The company also says it is working with its third-party partners to make those games work with the new system.

Players who share the multiplayer invite over Discord can also take advantage of a new widget. “The widget dynamically refreshes to show the multiplayer session status, so you’ll know if the session is still active before you join,” says Sony.

Finally, Sony will allow players to share PlayStation Network profiles using similar links. Players can generate the links from their PS5 console, PlayStation App, or

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