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Are you tired of the same old tridents in your survival world? Look no further! New Tridents Addon (1.20) introduces 17 unique tridents with diverse abilities and varying damage. Your Minecraft world is about to get a whole lot more exciting! Available now for the latest versions.


How to craft:

  • To begin, you must craft the following table that will allow you to craft the tridents. You will need a crafting table, prismarine, and a trident for crafting.

  • Once you have the table, you will realize that it has a somewhat special interface, with a personalized design to better adapt the crafting of the tridents.

  • The next thing you should do is go to the search engine and enter the word “Trident” and all the crafting will appear to make the new tridents added in the addon.

Trident List:

TNT Trident

  • When this trident hits the ground, it will generate a very strong explosion capable of killing entities and breaking blocks.

Shulker Trident

  • When this trident hits an entity, it will cause a lot of damage and will levitate it for several seconds, causing it to receive very large damage when it falls.

Redstone Trident

  • This trident is like a normal one, however, when the entity receives the impact of the trident, its damage is greater than normal, being 9.

Obsidian Trident

  • This is one of the strongest of all the tridents itself, it does not have an ability as such, but its impact is much higher than the rest of the tridents, its damage being 11.

Blaze Trident

  • When this trident hits its target, it will generate flames in the unlucky entity that receives the trident.

Lapiz Trident

  • This trident is not the best of all but it is quite acceptable since it does similar damage to the vanilla trident with the only advantage that this one is craftable while the other one is not.

Diamond Trident

  • This trident has a damage of 11 just like an obsidian one but it is not resistant to fire like the obsidian one is.

Netherite Trident

  • This trident is undoubtedly the best at least in damage, it has 12 damage and is immune to fire so it could be one of the best options.

Iron Trident

  • This trident has a damage of 10, it is better than vanilla and other tridents and it is not very expensive to craft, it can be a good option.

Ice Trident

  • When this trident hits its target, it will trap it in a 3×3 ice cube and slow down its movements.

Gold Trident

  • This trident does not lie to you, it is merely for decoration, it does damage equal to vanilla, it is your decision whether to use it or not.

Miner Trident

  • Unlike the previous trident, this one is somewhat more useful, its special ability is to chop blocks when it hits the ground, however, it will only be able to with the blocks that the golden pickaxe can chop.

  • This is the iron mining pitchfork is better than the gold one it can chop everything that the iron pickaxe chops.

  • As you must already guess, this is the diamond pickaxe, it bites everything that can bite, the diamond pickaxe would be the best if it were not for the following mining pitchfork.

  • This is the best mining trident for now it is immune to fire and it bites everything it bites the netherite pickaxe is the best option, the main advantage of these tridents is to be able to bite in a long distance when throwing them.

Ender Trident

  • This trident will allow you to teleport to the place where the trident falls.

Copper Trident/Thunder Trident

  • It may seem the most useless of all right? but it keeps a very dangerous secret, this trident is capable of summoning lightning when it falls on the ground.

Installation Note:

  • You can use it with almost any plugin as this plugin DOES NOT USE PLAYER.JSON so it will be compatible with almost any plugin and you can easily put it at the end if you want.
  • This is a section before creating the world that allows better functioning of the addons in the world and a better gaming experience when playing with addons, we recommend that you activate the following options to play with this addon.

How to install:

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New Tridents Addon (1.20) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.20

Behavior: Download from server 1 – Download from server 2

Resource: Download from server 1 – Download from server 2

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