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The Gears franchise has been quiet for several years now after the excellent Gears 5. While nothing official has been announced, we know a Gears 6 is all but inevitable.

Seems like inevitable will be June, at least according to Tom Warren over at The Verge. IN a short piece that tackles several snippets of Xbox news – including mentioning that Sea of Thieves success or failure on PS5 will be “key” to determining whether other Xbox games make the jump to multiplatform – Mr. Warren dropped a small bombshell. He talks about Microsoft planning an Xbox Showcase for June 9th, and says “I understand this is set to take place on Sunday, June 9th, and Microsoft is currently planning to announce a new Gears of War game at the show.”

Warren doesn’t specify that the game will be Gears 6, though. There’s also the possibility that it could be the long-rumoured remasters of the original trilogy, nicknamed the Marcus Fenix Collection by fans.

Tom Warren isn’t the only one who believes Gears will make an appearance. Jez Corden of Windows Central is a bit more confident that it will be Gears 6. On X he said: “I’m excited about Gears 6 for the June Xbox Showcase, but there’s another game whose state I’m incredibly excited to learn more about.”

Corden’s tweet also seems to reference other rumours suggesting that State of Decay 3 will finally be shown at the showcase, too. When a fan told him the tweet didn’t narrow it down too much, he cheekily responded with an emoji with a magnifying glass, indicating that the clue was right there.

Jeff Grubb on has also mentioned being excited to hear about Gears this summer, while Nate the Hate, another well-known insider, also said “I’d be very surprised if 2024 came and went without a mention or look at Gears 6. The game will be that “this is what next-gen is about” moment.”

While you wait for the announcement in June, I’d recommend checking out my ranking of all the Gears of War games.

With the Xbox showcase just hours away, we might get a glimpse into the future of the Gears series. Until then, lets take a look backwards with my ranking of the best Gears of War games, updated to include Gears Tactics.

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