MultiVersus Adds The Joker To Its Roster, With Mark Hamill Returning To The Role


The Joker is a different kind of iconic when it comes to villains and even just fictional comic-book characters. He is and forever will be one of the most popular bad guys ever, and it was only a matter of time before he arrived in Warner Bros.’ platform fighter MultiVersus.

Developer Player First Games revealed on Wednesday that The Joker will be joining the roster when the game arrives in its full 1.0 version on May 28, 2024.

Revealed with a teaser trailer, we didn’t get a look at what The Joker will play like, but we did get another important confirmation, that the role will be voiced by Mark Hamill, who is once again returning to the character.

Following the death of Kevin Conroy, who voiced Batman opposite Mark Hamill on multiple occasions, most notably the Batman Animated Series, this is probably the final time Hamill and Conroy have their voices opposite each other as these characters. Unless there’s more Batman lines Conroy recorded that we don’t yet know about, for a project still to come.

Source – [Player First Games]

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