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There are a lot of renders from our recently updated ModernCraft realistic city. You can see latest in-game screenshots in the Planet Minecraft post. And below is an archive of old but gold historic renders.

Post published on unofficial 1 year anniversary of the project.


We are a small team building the island city of Moslyn. There are multiple zones (both modern and trad).
About half the buildings have full interiors so far. There are (very WIP) details like cars and easter eggs.

There is a custom texture-pack that offers unique toned down, realistic textures.
The map is being built on a cross-platform server and planned to release as a RP or for sale once done.

Major builders:

  • CapnMatt5443 (boats, pier)
  • KingRooster121 (buildings)
  • MegaMinerDL (buildings, roads)
  • Sans/aznoh (roads)
  • SolidButton (buildings)
  • xkqrtaaa (buildings)
  • Egaladon/leg0 (boats)
  • Shells124 (cathedral)

Owner: AgentH14


  • KingRooster121 (co-owner)
  • MegaMinerDL (co-owner)
  • johnkelly1996
  • SolidButton
  • Sans/aznoh
  • xkqrtaaa (retired)

Minor builders

  • We are looking for anyone to come make even 1 house
  • Unfortunately there are too many minor builders to list!
  • Builds get a quality check. Interiors completely optional
  • Long-term/super high quality work eligible for payment
map planning moslyn areas

V4 Latest map showcase

V2-V3 Progress renders

V1 Individual close-ups


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