More Observers Mod (1.16.5) – New Observer Variants


More Observers Mod (1.16.5) adds 4 variants of the observer block. All of them are blocks (not tile entities), so they can be moved by pistons. An observer is a block that emits a quick redstone pulse from its back when the block or fluid directly in front of its “face” experiences a change.


The Mobserver:

  • The Mobserver, which detects all mobs and players in the 5x5x5 region in front of it. It can detect through solid walls.

The Surveyor:

  • The Surveyor, which measures the distance to the first block in the direction it’s looking. It outputs 15 if there’s a block right in front of it, and the value drops as the distance increases.

The Toggle Observer:

  • The Toggle Observer, crafted with an observer and a lever. This functions the same as a normal observer, but instead of outputting a 2-tick pulse, it toggles signal strength between 15 and 0. After it flips, it ignores further block changes for the next 25 ticks. So for example, if you wire up a stone button to the front, the output at the back will be as if you were toggling a lever instead of pressing a button. (You can build this in vanilla, but it’s far more complicated and expensive than it needs to be.)

The Discerner:

  • The Discerner currently does the same thing as a comparator for single blocks’ states, but supports a few extra integer properties. In a future version I’ll change vanilla comparators to also work for those additional blocks, and then change this block to do something else.
  • For example, it will detect wheat growth, outputting a signal of 5 when you plant it, gradually rising to 10, then jumping to 15 once it’s fully grown, and same for all other crops. It can also detect the honey level of a beehive, level of a compost bin, bites of a cake, and 9 other properties. It always outputs 15 at the max value, 5-10 at other values, and 0 if there is no property. It can also measure the hydration of farmland.


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