Monolith’s Wonder Woman Game Is “Troubled,” It’s Claimed


Former IGN host and now co-founder of KindaFunnyGames Greg Miller isn’t the one you’d expect to hear unverified inside information from, but it looks like he’s let some loose for Summer Game Fest 2024.

During one of KindaFunny’s live podcast shows where the team was making predictions for what would appear at SGF 2024, Monolith Productions coming Wonder Woman game was brought up.

Miller voiced that he doesn’t think it’ll make an appearance, saying that he spoke to someone he identified as an “insider” who told him the game is “troubled.”

As previously stated Miller doesn’t present himself as this industry insider who you can rely on for leaks and exclusive information, but he’s been in games media for a long time, and built his career in a time where he was able to make a whole host of games industry friends and connections.

It’s not a stretch by any means to believe he would have access to information, or just someone to talk to about projects like Wonder Woman, especially when he is a self-proclaimed DC fan.

“Here you go, you want it? You want the exclusive? I’ll give you my ‘Jeff Grubb’ information. In the past year – cause I’ll leave it ambiguous – I have talked to an insider, who was like, ‘This game’s [Wonder Woman] troubled.’ That’s it, that’s all I’ll say. So I don’t hold out hope that it’s in a place to show something.”

Miller adds the clarification that he doesn’t claim to know what this person meant by “troubled,” and what that would look like for Monolith, but he also notes that there’s a lot of confusion on the outside looking in at Warner Bros. as to how it is managing its games projects.

Both Suicide Squad and Gotham Knights seemingly failed to put DC-character led games back on the map in the way WB might’ve hoped, and with the company’s focus on live service projects, it’s not out of the question that this Wonder Woman project could be cancelled before seeing the light of day.

We know that Wonder Woman will not be a live service game, so if it is having issues in development, how much more is WB willing to spend before it looks at the money it is spending on Wonder Woman and decides that would be better spent trying to make a winning live service game?

The best thing to counter all this speculation would be for Wonder Woman to appear at SGF. We’ll know by Friday evening if that’s the case.

Source – [KindaFunnyGames]

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