Minecraft players mined an entire mountain and need suggestions for using 700,000 blocks


Minecraft has always had infinite possibilities. Players can literally do whatever they want in the game, however they want to do it. But sometimes, this concept is taken to the extreme, as proven by these players who somehow mined 700,000 blocks of stone and now don’t know what to do with them.

On Nov. 25, a Reddit post cropped up by user u/Philip_777, detailing how they and their friend mined down a whole mountain in Minecraft. The result was their having some extra space and over 700,000 blocks of stone, or 713,664 to be exact. But that isn’t even what the mountain had in total, as the player says they mined over 1.6 million blocks and stored some 950,000 of them. Now, that’s a lot of blocks, even for the most extreme Minecraft players.

After spending a good chunk of their newly mined blocks, the players found themselves in a unique conundrum: what do we do with all this stone? Well, they asked on Reddit, and boy, did they receive. One user suggested, with many standing behind them, that they should build a mountain. I mean, it does make sense and could be a good reverse of Thanos’ quote: “We use the mountain to build the mountain.”

The original post replied in acquiescence, saying that they should rebuild the mountain… and destroy it again. The cycle could go on forever if one has enough patience and time, turning that mountain into a pseudo-Borealis that goes in and out of existence on the players’ whim. One user in the thread claims that they had already done something similar back when, rebuilding an entire ship only a few hundred blocks down the river, proving that the plan is not impossible.

Most other replies focused on providing actual suggestions, ranging from castles, colossal statues, or giant bases. All of these are indeed plausible, considering how many resources the players now possess. And no matter what they decide to build, they have already achieved an impressive feat, showing that just about anything is possible if you’re persistent enough in Minecraft.

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