Minecraft player brings stunning real world creations to game using actual map data


A Minecraft player turned OpenStreetMap data into this sandbox title with realistic buildings and streets.

This isn’t the first time something like this happened in this open-world title. Minecraft players have created the whole known universe inside the game with absolute perfection and detail. Reddit user AtmosphericBeats described the process of using this map and perfecting the complete city, building by building.

Many players on Reddit were impressed by the fidelity of this creation and the creator’s ability to integrate OpenStreetMap information into the game. The details of the maps this site uses are all from public sources, which means they are pretty accurate.

The post led to players discussing how else they could use Python or APIs to make other maps. Synthetic_dreams_ said they used QGIS to create a resolution-accurate map of Cities Skylines.

The discussion continued, and other players said this is vector data that’s easy to translate into Minecraft blocks. Between the recommendations, one player added that GeoCraft is similar to this creation but with more accurate buildings.

These passion projects make Minecraft one of the most adaptable sandboxes. Only titles like Fortnite or graphics engines can achieve this level of accuracy with different structures. Gamers continue to create amazing artwork for this title, demonstrating that video games are also forms of art.

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