Minecraft Legends development is officially over less than a year after launch


Less than a year since its launch, development on Minecraft Legends has officially drawn to a close.

The devs announced the decision to end development on the game alongside the patch notes for its latest update, Snow vs. Snouts. The RTS title first launched in April of 2023, and now, less than a year since that time, the game is in its final state. The good news is that Minecraft Legends will remain playable, but no more content will be added.

It’s all over now. Image via Mojang

“Since launch, we’ve listened to community feedback and implemented a series of changes and tweaks to make the game better. With that complete, we’re now going to take a step back from development,” the blog post explains. Going forward, Lost Legends challenges will be free and the team will still offer technical support should issues arise.

No specific reason for this decision was shared, but players can get some free loot as a result. The Bright-Eyed Hero Skin is now available in the marketplace for players to redeem completely free. This new look is a neat design that’s sure to spic up any future Minecraft Legends gaming you have planned.

Minecraft Legends is one of the most obscure spin-off titles to the uber-popular sandbox game. This title saw players utilize strategy to lead armies and fight off foes in an RTS-style setting. While critics gave the game overall positive reviews, reactions from players were mixed.

The game was sold for $39,99 on launch, with other in-game purchases available for those seeking more content. Now it’s over, perhaps we will see the price come down and new players will get the chance to experience the complete game.

If you are still playing Minecraft Legends, the Snow vs. Snouts update is now live, so you can go and enjoy the last chapter in this story.

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