Marco Rodrigues is back in action-packed Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves trailer


A much-loved character has returned in the latest traler for Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves! Marco Rodrigues is back in a serious way, and thanks to a stunning new trailer shown off at Evo Japan, we can see him in action for the first time in SNK’s upcoming game.

First playable in Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Marco is back with much of his classic and stunning martial arts prowess fighting game fans love him for, as well as those wonderful sideburns. Polished up in a new 3D in this new era of SNK games, it’s a great character to see come back.

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This came during the finals of Evo Japan’s King of Fighters XV tournament, in which Jiahong “ET” Lin from Taiwan took first place in a high-intensity grand finals. He was followed up by Hong Kong’s very own Xiaohai in second place, and M from Japan in third.

You’ve got to wonder who’ll be next for City of the Wolves? So far it looks like many of the classic warriors from Garou are making a return – whether this sequel will tay true to its roots with a majority returning cast, or if we’ll start seeing newer characters enter the spotlight remains to be seen.

SNK’s current game, King of Fighters XV, is brilliant, and it’s great to see high-level competitive play remain supported. As for Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves, it’s set to release in early 2025.

Are you watching Evo Japan this weekend? Let us know below, as well as your thoughts on the latest trailer for Marco.

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