Killing Time: Resurrected, A Nightdive Studios HD Remaster “Coming Soon” To PS5 And PS4


Killing Time: Resurrected was revealed for the first time, technically yesterday, when the Guerilla Collective tweeted out games that would be at the showcase in anticipation of the showcase today.

It was a very casual way of revealing that Nightdive Studios would be plying its remaster/remake skills to the original Killing Time game. Now that the Guerilla Collective showcase has come and gone, we have a trailer and proper reveal for the coming remaster.

There’s no indication as to when it’ll be launching, all we get in the trailer’s video description on YouTube is that it’ll be “coming soon” to PS5 and PS4, so at least that invites a chance it’ll be launching sometime in 2024.

You can check out the new trailer for yourself, below.

Killing Time first launch all the way back in 1995, so this remaster brings the origins of a long-running series back into the modern sphere. It’s always good to see players newer to games getting the chance to play games they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Source – [Nightdive Studios]

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