Ken Levine Reveals More About Upcoming Game Judas And Its “Narrative Lego” Structure


Judas is the upcoming game from Ghost Story Games, the studio founded by Bioshock creator Ken Levine. On Tuesday, the 11 year anniversary of the release of Bioshock Infinite, Levine gave an interview all about Judas, and the kind of game the he, and the rest of Ghost Story Games have been working to create.

“Narrative Legos” is the title of a talk Ken Levine gave at GDC back in 2014, and its a method of telling a story in games that is hyper-focused on player agency, and he’s not let go of it since. So much that it’s the foundation for Judas.

In interviews with IGN and FPS, Levine talked about what his ‘narrative legos’ idea means, which in many ways boils down to it being a non-linear story.

Previews also point to it feeling very familiar to Bioshock, but where Bioshock was in every entry and very linear narrative experience, Judas will attempt to be the opposite, and instead be entirely driven by player choice.

That means the narrative will dynamically change, at least on a micro level, based on what you as the player do.

We also learned a bit more about the game’s setting, which is the Mayflower, a giant ship that is effectively as big as a major city in that it was built to house a whole colony of people.

Players will be stepping into the shoes of Judas, a woman who we now know is the direct cause of everything that’s going wrong on the Mayflower.

Her story also revolves around the three people running the ship, Tom, Nefertiti and Hope, and how you as Judas interacts with each of them will drastically impact your experience playing through the story.

For anyone hoping that we’d be getting information on when we’ll all get to play Judas however, it’s clear that a release is still quite a ways away.

While these previewers all walked away with good impressions, it was also still evident that the game is not finished, and there is still a lot of work to be done.

Source – [IGN, FPS]

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