Just Got A PS5? WATCH THIS FIRST!!! PS5 Setup, Tips & Tricks, Everything You Should Know.


If you just got a PlayStation 5 or if you’re a relatively new owner, you’ve come to the right place. In this one we’re gonna go over the stand setup, storage options, tips, tricks, and settings that you should be aware of. Also congrats because you’ve used up all your lucky on acquiring an elusive PS5. I’d say that was well spent, but don’t play the lotto anytime soon.

25 More PS5 Tips & Tricks:

PS5 Secret Features & Shortcuts:

How To Install An M.2 SSD:

All PS4 to PS5 Free Upgrades:

Request A PSVR Camera Adapter:

PS5 Compatible SSD’s and Heatsinks:

Recommended External Hard Drives & SSD’s:
(SSD – Faster transfer speeds)
(SSD – Faster transfer speeds)

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0:00 – Intro
0:26 – PS5 Stand Setup (You Need It!)
1:49 – Where To Place Your PS5
2:17 – Ways To Transfer PS4 Games To PS5
2:50 – Why You Should Get An External Drive
4:33 – Delete Certain Parts Of A Game
5:00 – Additional PS5 Storage (M.2 SSD)
5:32 – Use The Supplied HDMI Cable
5:57 – Set Your 3D Audio Profile & Mic Status
6:34 – 3D Audio For TV Speakers
6:56 – Control Center Tips
7:20 – Free PS5 Upgrades
8:23 – Claim Your PS Plus Collection Games
8:58 – Use The PS Store Wishlist
9:20 – Shortcut For The UI
9:38 – Shortcut For Voice Chat
9:52 – Game Presets, Spoiler Warnings, Auto Captures
10:58 – Claim Your PSVR Camera Adapter
11:27 – How To Maintain Your PS5
12:30 – Personal Recommendations On Accessories
13:30 – Don’t Skip Astro’s Playroom

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