Is Silent Breath On PS5?


Is Silent Breath on PS5? Developed by EXODIAC STUDIOS, Silent Breath has just come out for the PC and is already generating a lot of interest among console players. Powered by Unreal Engine 5, Silent Breath boasts photorealistic graphics and dynamic scares…but will there be a PS5 version of the game? Let’s find out!

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Is Silent Breath On PS5?

Silent Breath is not currently available for the PS5. At the time of writing EXODIAC STUDIOS hasn’t announced anything about a PS5 version of the game, but we’ll keep you posted.

What Is Silent Breath?

You find yourself in the middle of a mysterious forest. Your goal is to find people who have previously gotten lost in the forest. You must be SILENT at night because the forest is listening to your voice through your microphone as you explore. It tries to make you SCREAM with various jumpscares. When you scream, you get one step closer to losing. You also have to constantly check your surroundings because real threats that are trying to hunt you down are on your tail. You lose when you scream or get caught by threats, and the game restarts, but this time the locations of the previously found lost people have also changed. You can’t even predict what fear the game will throw at you at any given time because the whole process is randomized.

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