Is Jump Ship On PS5?


Is Jump Ship On PS5? Keepsake Games has just announced PC and Xbox title Jump Ship, and surprise surprise, folk are already curious to know if there’s going to be a Jump Ship PS5 release. It should be noted that Jump Ship was previously known under a different title, Hyperspace: Pirates of Atira.

Here’s all we know so far!

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Is Jump Ship On PS5?

Jump Ship is not available on the PS5 and there is currently no word on whether the game will come to Sony’s flagship console. Right now, the game has only been confirmed for PC and Xbox formats, and there isn’t even a release date for those platforms yet. However, it’s still very early days yet, and we can’t find anything from Keepsake Games mentioning a possible PS5 release, so that could change. We’ll keep you updated.

What Is Jump Ship?

Here’s the official blurb:

Jump Ship is a mission based co-op FPS for up to 4 players, where you are the crew of a spaceship. Transition seamlessly from crewing the ship to on-foot exploration and space walks. Engage in intense battles both on the ground and in space, and always keep your ship upgraded and intact.

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