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Is Discord On PS4? Every gamer’s favourite messaging app is finally working hand-in-hand with console makers to integrate Discord directly onto your consoles.

The reality is a huge chunk of the gaming community much prefers to use Discord for voice chat when playing games with friends, especially for any cross-platform play.

So the fact that you can now jump into a Discord call from your PS5 is great, but at the same time it feels like the kind of thing that should’ve happened a while ago.

We know that PS5 players can utilize Discord seamlessly, but is Discord on PS4? Can players still on PS4 connect and use their Discord accounts?

Find out here.

Is Discord On PS4?

No, you cannot use Discord on PS4 in the same way you can use it on PS5. Discord on PS4 does not support voice chat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it work.

You can check out our workaround from 2021 that will still work, if you only have a PS4 and a computer handy.

What you can do with Discord on PS4 through the latest integration efforts is connect your PSN and Discord accounts. This will let you show your online status to your Discord friends, and display your PSN ID on your Discord account.

To do that, simply:

  • In your Discord app, open your User Settings and navigate to Connections
  • You’ll see the PlayStation icon, select it.
  • From there a pop-up window will open, prompting you to sign into your PlayStation account
  • Once you’ve signed in and accepted the terms of connecting your accounts, they’ll be linked

If you do want this to work however, make sure your privacy settings on your PS4 are set to letting “Anyone” see your online status and what you’re playing.

While it might not be the kind of integration PS5 has, it’s something.

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