Illaoi finally gets gameplay showcase ahead of 2XKO Evo Japan demo


Illaoi has finally gotten a dedicated gameplay trailer and explainer, ahead of a new 2XKO demo available to play at Evo Japan. The character, first revealed during the game’s free-to-play announcement is the fifth to be fully playable by members of the public.

The video in question, released on 2XKO socials and viewable below, comes alongside commentary by Caroline Montana Riot Shyvana who designed the champion alongside a dedicated development pod, and explains that this bruiser is a hard-hitting brawler who makes good use out of her infamous tentancles to extend combos and apply additional pressure.

You can watch the Illaoi gameplay reveal here.Watch on YouTube

Back when we first got a peak at Illaoi through a dedicated design blog on the Riot Games website, we knew the team wanted to go heavy on the character fantasy of big hits and tentacle assists. In this final version of the character, it looks like the team ended up on a summonable tentacle system, in which you can actively bring them out and trigger their attacks to nearby enemies. It’s worth noting that Shyvana also emphasises that Illaoi isn’t a “puppet character” like you’d see in other series like Blazblue, but rather a bruiser who’s at their best when applying pressure with tentancles set up.

Some influencers who previously played the game at Riot have reacted to the official announcement, and are releasing videos on their own time with Illaoi from a previous build. It’s clear that Illaoi was one of those mysterious unfinished characters some were whispering about months ago, finally ready for public play at Evo Japan this weekend. So if you’re looking for more Illaoi gameplay to gorge yourself on, videos on the character should be widely available in the coming days.

WHat do you think of the character? Let us know below, as well as who you’d like to see come to the game next? Who knows – maybe we’ll see another reveal soon…

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